Zain Bahrain Launches a Hotline for People with Disabilities

Zain Bahrain has launched the ‘We Able’ hotline in an attempt tocater to the people with disabilities as a part of its Disability Inclusion initiative.

Zain Bahrain, a telecommunications industry innovator in the Kingdom, has announced the launch of the ‘We Able’ hotline – 36107733, to cater to people with disabilities (PwDs) and their caretakers as part of its Disability Inclusion initiative. The launch of the hotline is aligned with Zain Bahrain’s Sustainability & Inclusivity strategy and aims on delivering on an exceptional customer service experience through ensuring digital inclusion and access to all members in the community.

As a leading telecommunications provider, Zain Bahrain plays a major role in developing and connecting everyone; it is part of the company’s purpose to ensure providing inclusive and accessible information about its products and services to persons with disabilities on an equal basis with others. The company is also offering PwDs FREE 8 GB data per month to both new and existing postpaid customers which can be added through its branches or live chat option.

Zain Bahrain is dedicated in its goal to provide equal access and opportunities not only for people within the company but also for its customers with disabilities. The company is committed to being an inclusive brand by providing opportunities for a better future that is accessible to all and with the launch of the ‘We Able’ hotline, PwDs will be equipped with the required services and information.

“Our team is delighted with the launch of the ‘We Able’ hotline as it reflects our constant commitment to serving our customers, keeping in mind the diversity of the community we serve. At Zain Bahrain, we believe in providing accessible customer service to everyone by constantly introducing features that enhance our customers’ experience while providing an edge to the Zain brand. The introduction of the hotline will further elevate our customer care services by providing a truly inclusive environment that is an engaging and enjoyable experience for our customers. We continue to design and provide communications services to enhance and make the lives of our differently-abled customers easier by bringing in innovative ways to service customers and ensure that everyone stays connected seamlessly.”

Abdulla Salmeen, Director, Customer Care, Zain Bahrain

“At Zain Bahrain, we focus on ways to explore diversity and inclusion to bring a change through our brand in the community by understanding best practices, leveraging on current platforms and obtaining practical solutions that will help drive business transformation and optimize the company’s performance. The hotline launch showcases our commitment and effort to create access to all members in the local community, lead by example and it highlights our continuous endeavours to create an enriching experience.”

Ms. Fatema Haider, Manager, Sustainability & Inclusivity, Zain Bahrain

The hotline is open seven days a week. Customers with disabilities can alternatively connect with representatives from Zain Bahrain by visiting the Zain Bahrain branches or through the Zain Bahrain digital channels – the Zain app, zBot, WhatsApp, and Live chat options.

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