MultiChoice Announces the Return of the Cape Town Carnival in March 2022

MultiChoice has announced that the Cape Town Carnival is all set to return on March 19th 2022.

MultiChoice has announced the return of the Cape Town Carnival. The Carnival is expected to happen on 19 March 2022.

“We’re driven by the fundamental belief in the power of creativity.”

Professor Rachel Jafta, Chairperson, Cape Town Carnival Trust

“This year’s Carnival will move people like never before. Literally. Visitors curate their own experience as they move between five distinct outdoor Carnival Hubs across the city. They get to explore the city, its streets, restaurants and galleries, while enjoying vibrant performances, installations and attractions.”

Jay Douwes, CEO, Cape Town Carnival

From 14:30 to 21:30, each Carnival Hub will host five consecutive shows celebrating the diverse cultures and stories of Cape Town. The customer can choose how many hubs you visit, in any order, at a showtime that works for you!

The Hubs will pop up at five well-known city landmarks. Explore the Mountain of Memories at Hatfield Street Hub and Cultural Roots at the National Gallery Hub. Marvel at Tales of Camissa at the SA Museum Hub, while Umswenko will bring the passion to the Heritage Square Hub and The Drum Era will come to life at the Green Market Hub.

The Carnival has historically been a free event, but this time, the customers will need to confirm attendance and supply COVID-19 track-and-trace info by purchasing a R10 ticket per show. That means that for just R50, you can enjoy five unique shows! You choose how many to watch, but we suggest visiting at least 3 for a beautifully diverse experience.

As you move between the hubs, grab a bite, drink a coffee at local eateries, or pop into shops and galleries who will be celebrating along with us. Expect specials, activations and more, as that Carnival energy ripples through the city streets.

“Outdoor dining, open-air experiences, and the reimagined Carnival Hubs, we’re excited to bring people together and support local businesses in a COVID-safe way”

Geordin Hill-Lewis, Mayor

“The essence of the Carnival is that it brings people together and enriches their lives through music, dancing, and art. The Carnival has a tremendous social impact and MultiChoice is proud to be able to once again be a partner in this celebration of culture that creates opportunities for community participation and networking, builds social cohesion, creates jobs and drives tourism.”

Collen Dlamini, Group Executive for Corporate Affairs, MultiChoice

“And that is the ultimate vision of the Cape Town Carnival; that we come together, see each other, appreciate each other, and celebrate each other.”

Brad Baard, Creative Director, Cape Town Carnival

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