Liquid Launches Gaming Bundles to Encourage E-Sports in Zambia

In an effort to encourage the gaming and e-sports industry in Zambia, Liquid Intelligent Technologies has launches new gaming bundles.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies, is a leading pan-African technology group, has announced the deployment of its new and affordable gaming bundles in Zambia to encourage the gaming and e-sports industry in the country. The launch of these bundles aims to attract a growing and loyal gaming and e-sports market, harness developers and gaming talent in addition to providing users localised data capped access to gaming services such as Steam and the PlayStation Network.

The new gaming bundle is a niche product that targets the gaming community in the country. The 30-day bundle costs K400 and can start on a day that suits the user. It comes with free downloads and online play from Nintendo, Steam, EA App, PlayStation and more gaming platforms between 22:00hrs and 06:00hrs daily, and 6GB of data for browsing.

“Liquid understands that the world is living in the knowledge economy and ICTs are the future. We see gaming as a gateway for young minds to be interested and involved in ICTs, ultimately growing to contribute to our country’s social and economic development. Gaming is not only an entertainment activity for young people, it ignites their passion for programming, coding, and software development. We aim to be the provider of choice for gamers by presenting cost-effective solutions in meeting the gaming demand. Through this, we intend to stimulate the growth of ICTs in Zambia and unlock the potential for the youth in Zambia”.

Mike Siachitema, Head of Products and Solutions, Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia

Meanwhile, Dennis Banda, an active member of the gaming community in Zambia, says that gaming is a platform through which young people easily understand complex math, science, and technology concepts.

“If you consider games like Pokémon Go, for example, they involve Algebraic-like equations and young people play these games without actively realising that they are learning. Gaming makes subjects like math that are traditionally considered to be difficult or boring, cool and easy to learn, fostering a generation of potential young mathematicians and scientists.”

Dennis Banda, Gamer

The gaming bundle showcases Liquid as a premier technology provider committed to enabling Zambia as Africa’s ultimate gaming and e-sports frontier. The bundle will provide Zambia’s growing audience of more than 10,000 avid developers and gamers who already use Liquid’s unique connectivity services with cost-effective gaming solutions that will help improve their gaming and e-sporting experience. Liquid is the only provider of gaming bundles in Zambia, and the company aims to deliver and sustain a premium experience for gamers.

This offering is in line with Liquid’s strategic repositioning, which sees the company provide digital services that enhance the lives of consumers and businesses within Zambia.

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