SEACOM Reiterates its Commitment to the Development of the Kenyan Telecom Sector

In a recent SEACOM Kenya meeting, the company executives have reaffirmed the importance of connectivity for the country’s future.

SEACOM Kenya has reaffirmed its commitment to the provision and expansion of telecommunication services during a meeting between the region’s Managing Director, Tejpal Bedi and Director General of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), Mr. Ezra Chiloba.

During the meeting, Mr. Bedi engaged with Mr. Chiloba on SEACOM’s role in providing high-quality Internet bandwidth and ICT-centered services to Kenya, with an emphasis on the state of cloud computing and its future, the national regulator’s role in the converged tech-economy, and opportunities in the field of education.

A former Chief Executive Officer of Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commissions (IEBC), Mr. Chiloba was appointed as the CA’s Director General in September 2021, bringing with him a fresh and dynamic approach to the role.

“This was a chance to share notes and exchange ideas, to understand our relationship with the regulatory body and to establish SEACOM as a leading force in the provision of Internet services. We are excited about the potential for collaboration to help usher in the next stage of Kenya’s digital transformation.”

Tejpal Bedi, Managing Director, Seacom East Africa

Prior to 2009, Internet connectivity in Kenya was limited to satellite bandwidth. With the introduction of SEACOM’s undersea cable network, local data centres, and other infrastructure, the region has reaped the rewards and become a hotbed for innovation, playing host to a thriving tech start-up industry and becoming known as the ‘Silicon Savannah’.

Users and businesses now benefit from lower per-megabyte Internet prices and improved quality of service between the region and the rest of the world. Infrastructure, such as carrier-neutral data centres that facilitate cloud computing, sets the stage for investment from international conglomerates while boosting local traffic and overall connectivity.

“Resilient, scalable solutions are needed to expand and uplift digital services for both businesses and consumers. One of the ways we can achieve this is by finding ways to work with public entities like the CA. Beyond that, we used the meeting to discuss SEACOM Kenya’s commitment to education and skills upliftment. Kenya is home to a population of vibrant young people who are being exposed to technology like never before. It is through our initiative, and the help of government, that we can equip these young people with the training and knowledge required to thrive in this industry.”

Tejpal Bedi, Managing Director, Seacom East Africa

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