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Afrikrea Raises $6.2M in Pre-Series A and Rebrands as ANKA

Afrikrea have announced that they have raised $6.2 M in its pre-Series A round and re-branded themselves as ANKA.

In a recent announcement, Afrikrea has disclosed that they have managed to raise $6.2M in its pre-Series A round that was led by Investisseurs & Partenaires. Following this, Afrikrea has also announced its rebranding to “ANKA”.

The startup reportedly said that the capital which they have got from its Pre-Series A round is going to be used to further build on the mobile infrastructure of ANKA’s e-commerce SaaS along with further developing the talent acquisition for the startup.

“We have recorded unprecedented growth since the launch of ANKA last year; since then our subscribers tripled and volume on the newest services has multiplied by 8 just over the last 6 months. As our vision and clients’ needs had outgrown the singular purpose of the Afrikrea marketplace, operating under ANKA provides a more holistic description of our mission as a pan-African company. Through the ANKA platform, which integrates every aspect of business, we now serve sellers, not just in fashion, but in what will be a variety of sectors in over 80% of the African countries.

Instead of trying to get Africans to buy more or spend faster, ANKA will be one the few companies that actually help them earn, own and create, at a global scale. Growth, velocity, volume and “financial inclusion” are all empty words without value creation, distribution and worldwide scale. Most of Africa’s development problems will not be solved by just better efficiencies in moving cash, we need to produce, sell and build for the world to matter.” He added.

Moulaye Taboure, CEO and Co-Founder, ANKA

ANKA reportedly said that they are expanding their remote team and they are in a lookout for various roles including product management, finance, remote developers, and sales.

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