SeamlessHR Raises $10M in its Series A Funding

In a recent announcement, SeamlessHR has disclosed that they have raised $10 Million in its Series A led by TLcom Capital.

SeamlessHR has announced that they have raised $10m in their Series A funding round. This announcement comes after just a year after announcing their seed round.

This funding round was led by TLcom Capital, with significant contributions from Capria Ventures, Lateral Capital, Enza Capital, Ingressive Capital, and some private investors.

The endorsements of new investors like TLcom and Capria have been significant for SeamlessHR along with the follow-on investments by Lateral Capital, Enza Capital, and Ingressive Capital. SeamlessHR stated that this is indicative of it’s progressive growth and success.

“Over the last few years, SeamlessHR has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver a robust HR and payroll platform for Africa’s medium and large businesses.

The strong execution shown by Emmanuel and his team is a vital ingredient required to build a successful business, and as they expand their products to include embedded finance and launch their solutions to new markets, we’re proud to partner alongside them and strengthen their push to unlock more value within Africa’s B2B space.

At TLcom, we believe SeamlessHR can be the preferred platform for businesses to digitise workplaces and support their personnel.”

Andreata Muforo, Partner, TLcom Capital

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