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Saudi DGA Launches a New Framework Agreement for Cloud Computing via Etimad

The Saudi Digital Government Authority have announced the launch of a new framework agreement towards cloud computing in digital government services via Etimad platform.

The Saudi Digital Government Authority (DGA) has announced the launch of a framework agreement in an effort to provide cloud computing services for the Saudi government agencies. This is expected to be done through the “Etimad” platform.

This particular framework agreement is expected to contribute to the ongoing digital transformation of the Kingdom. This framework will help in the contribution of the private sector thereby accelerating the creation of a competitive environment.

Amongst the cloud computing infrastructure services there includes virtual CPU, Backup, Random memory, and storage.

“The framework agreement supports government digital transformation programs and partnerships with the private sector.”

Ahmed al-Suwayan, DGA Governor

The DGA Governor reportedly talked about the united excellence of the government platforms through the integration of various digital media. Further, he stressed that this strengthens the experience of beneficiaries through digital government services.

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