Clickatell Records Massive Growth in 2021 in Chat Commerce

Clickatell has announced that they have witnessed a record-level gowth in 20201 in Chat Commerce.

Clickatell, a leader in mobile communications and Chat Commerce, has announced record-level growth in 2021 in Chat Commerce. Driving Clickatell’s continuous momentum is the growing market demand for its leading Chat Commerce Platform, top-tier management team, and global reach across various markets. Clickatell defines Chat Commerce as a new category at the convergence point of three large, fast-growing technology sectors – CPaaS, CCaaS, and Digital Commerce.

The company shared these 2021 highlights:

Market Opportunity

The pandemic has accelerated businesses’ digital transformation efforts, resulting in a multi-billion dollar Chat Commerce market opportunity. Chat platforms such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc., already have more than 7.7 billion active users, according to Statista 2021, out numbering the 4.7 billion internet users. Today, chat is becoming the largest digital engagement channel in the world and brands are taking notice.

Clickatell has achieved significant results including securing 10,000 customers across a variety of industries and dispersed geographies, including financial services, retail, travel, media and entertainment, hospitality, education, security, and many more. Clickatell has delivered over 9 billion brand-to-consumer engagements, processing over a million transactions daily. In fact, 93% of conversations transpiring on its Chat Commerce Platform end in a transaction. With the market demand for digital commerce solutions such as Chat Commerce, Clickatell expects its growth to accelerate in 2022.

Innovative Products and Solutions

This year, Clickatell added exciting innovative products to its Chat Commerce Platform, including Chat 2 Pay that enables merchants to securely accept payments in chat messaging by sending consumers a payment link via SMS or WhatsApp. Additionally, the company announced a strategic partnership with Cybersource that accelerates the move towards contactless digital engagements for E-Commerce by making it easier for businesses to deliver Chat Commerce and a contact-free checkout experience with the combined Chat 2 Pay solution.

Clickatell also launched its combined Chat Desk and Chat Flow solution to transform the customer experience in contact centers. The company merged Chat Desk, a live-agent messaging center solution, with Chat Flow, a workflow builder, to provide businesses with automated chat and intuitive functionality. Businesses connect with consumers through automated chat, known as unassisted chat, and then, if additional support is needed, seamlessly shift the customer support to their live agents through Clickatell’s Chat Desk. Live agent and customer conversations are crucial with the company experiencing a 108% month-over-month increase.

Changing the World with Its Customers

Clickatell works with market-leading global businesses that are vertically diverse and are focused on transforming their approach to customer experience and the way consumers interact with their brand, ensuring competitiveness and long-term loyalty.

“Our mission to create a better world through technology is fueled by our customers who are innovators and shaping new customer experience through Chat Commerce. We care about our customers being successful with their customers, and the work we are doing together to innovate conversations and transactions in mobile messaging is future-proof, giving all our customers a competitive edge through improved satisfaction and trust.”

Pieter de Villiers, CEO and Co-Founder, Clickatel

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