SDNsquare Comes into an OEM Agreement with PESA to Secure Mass Distribution

SDNsquarre has announced an OEM agreement with PESA to secure the distribution of high-value, classified or sensitive video, audio and control.

SDNsquare, a leading IP network orchestration provider, has announced that it has entered into an OEM agreement with PESA, a prominent US supplier of certified secure live video distribution solutions for government, military, corporate, broadcast, education, religious, and post-production markets. PESA secures and distributes high-value, classified or sensitive video, audio and control signals for uncompromised collaboration.

The agreement refers to the PESA Secura family, offering a truly unique series of signal processing and system management products for a high-security signal using the very latest in IP network design and signal encryption technology.

The PESA Secura-SDN integration combines the ubiquitous reach and reliability of the IP switch with the GRID network orchestration software solution from SDNsquare. The integration enables guaranteed data flows, for a fully predictable, 100% reliable, non-blocking network resulting in extraordinary quality of service (QoS), required for mission critical situational awareness.

“When working with large significant video signals across an IP network, the ability to smoothly route and control these signals and groom the traffic is essential for optimizing the performance and reliability of the network and the overall system.”

Howard Sutton, Executive Chairman, PESA

Secura Command Center along with Secura AV-IP endpoints, which include KVM, provides a tightly integrated solution for secure real-time media distribution.

For applications that demand ultra-high-level protection for sensitive or classified video content, such as military, government or medical installations, Secura provides CNSA (Suite B) compliant encryption, featuring FIPS 140-2 encrypted signals, for all signals from source to glass, and mutual authentication and trusted protection modules (TPM) across all endpoints. Secura protects and defends the most valuable assets.

SDN GRID’s core function is to facilitate predictable and optimal management of a network, providing for reliable, real-time production operations which are not disrupted by data transfer issues or blockage – using intelligent management to deliver predictable and reliable data flow.  In this way, it is ideal for customers who deal with a wide range of media workflows on a fluctuating basis, who need to ensure scalability, predictability and reliability in order to deliver the highest quality of service, while delivering low latency network performance with no packet loss – even in bursty, high-impact traffic many-to-many environments.

“This deal is a major milestone in SDNsquare’s development and demonstrates the unique value of our world class patented SDN controller. We are very pleased and excited to have been selected by PESA to be a key contributor to its integrated solution for secure media distribution.”

Henry Alexander, CEO, SDNsquare

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