Tigo Pushes for Embracing Fintech Solutions

Tigo through its merchant payment solution, Lipa Kwa Simu, has launched uWini promotion to help advance digital payments.

Leading digital lifestyle company, Tigo, through its merchant payment solution, Lipa Kwa Simu, launched an end-of-year promotion dubbed Lipa Kwa Simu, uWini, a promotion that aims to encourage customers to embrace digital payment solutions. All Tigo Pesa subscribers will get cash prizes up to TZS 1,000,000, gift vouchers and 10% cashback when they use Lipa Kwa simu to pay for goods or services at select merchants across the country.  

Only the Top 10 winners with the greatest number of Lipa kwa Simu transactions during the campaign duration win Tshs 1 Million each. Lipa Kwa Simu, uWini promotion will kick-off from the 23rd of November 2021 and end on the 7th of January 2022.

“The promotion aims to foster the use of digital solutions for different payments, especially during this holiday season. We are determined to reward our loyal customers during this festive season for every payment they will make through Lipa Kwa Simu solution where they will win cash prizes, 10% cashback at selected areas and gift vouchers.

Each participating customer will receive an offer by SMS requiring them to reach a minimum number of transactions through Lipa Kwa Simu based on their average weekly usage, upon reaching the allocated target number the customer will get instant cashback on their Tigo Pesa account of an amount up to Tsh 2,000 or Tsh 100,000 gift voucher every week depending on their transactions. Additionally, a customer needs to make as many payments as possible to be among the top Ten winners.Only the top 10 Customers who have stretched their target by above 50% will get to win TSh 100,000 gift voucher every week.”

Angelica Pesha, Chief Officer, Mobile Financial Service (MFS), Tigo

Lipa Kwa Simu, uWini promotion will enable all customers to pay conveniently to a diverse group of merchants across all sectors like; Market places, fuel stations, restaurants and cafes, pubs, bars, hotels, supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware stores and so many more.

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