Seamless Distribution Systems Receives an Order for 3 Million SEK for its ERS 360°

Seamless Distribution Systems have announced that they have landed a 3 Million SEK order for its flagship product ERS 360° .

Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) has received an order worth 3.0 million SEK from a brand-new customer in Ghana. The deal concerns the commissioning of SDS’s flagship product ERS 360 °, which will replace the customer’s existing solution and facilitate the digitization of the customer’s sales and distribution channel.

“It is very gratifying that we have entered into another new mobile operator with our flagship product ERS 360 °. This is the first order from this customer and means that it is a strategic and commercial milestone as SDS establishes itself in this market with this second customer in Ghana.”

Tommy Eriksson, CEO, SDS Group

The operator in Ghana required a platform that could take their business to the next level. SDS’s technology platform’s operational capacity and ability to meet the customer’s demanding business needs make ERS 360 ° an ideal solution for this customer.

Delivery of this order will begin during the fourth quarter of 2021, which is also when the revenue from the order is expected to be realized.

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