Ooredoo and Omani Women’s Association to Support Female Professionals Across the Country

Ooredoo has announced a partnership with the Omani Women’s Association to provide a springboard program for its women incubator training.

Continuing its journey to empower Omani women and help them fulfil their ambitions and aspirations, Ooredoo recently cooperated with the Omani Women’s Association, which comes under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Development, to provide a ‘Springboard’ programme for graduates of its women’s incubator training across the country. The initiative includes a series of training workshops offering a variety of skills such as problem solving, enhancing confidence, setting goals, relationship building, and managing stress.

The Springboard workshops began in August at Omani Women’s Associations in Samail, Al Musannah, Manah, as well as Rustaq, Al Kamel, Al Wafi and Ibri. Led by Ayesha Al Shoily, certified trainer and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Ooredoo, a judging panel will evaluate and select the winning projects from each association to qualify as finalists. The winning projects, which will be announced in November.

“Based on the vision that all people are equal members of society, we continue to empower Omani women and help them achieve their personal and professional goals through our training incubators across the country. We are pleased to be able to provide them with access to these world-renowned courses, to expand their network and provide them with the necessary tools to enter the labour market with confidence.”

Raed Mohammed Dawood, Director of Branding, Communications and Corporate Affairs, Ooredoo

“Ooredoo’s Springboard program plays a major role in empowering Omani women to achieve success, offering us a unique opportunity for self-development through open dialogue between the participants and the trainer. It has also helped us to build confidence in ourselves and set out a clear path towards achieving our goals.”

Aya Al Khasibiya, a Member of the Omani Women’s Association in the Wilayat of Manah

“The Springboard program has allowed us to define our goals in ways that are in line with our principles and values, and to identify the ways that we can grow. The workshops also provided us with a great foundation to share our knowledge and help to inspire those around us.”

Fatima Al Abriya, Member of the Omani Women’s Association in the Wilayat of Rustaq

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