stc and Future Investment Initiative Enable a Digital Transformation in the Kingdom

stc and Future Investment Initiative have come into a partnership for the fifth consecutive year to help drive a digital transformation in the kingdom.

stc has partnered up with the “Future Investment Initiative” for the fifth consecutive year as part of its strategy to support the Kingdom’s digital transformation. stc provided technology support for the event, which included internet spots at high speeds of up to 8.5 gigabits per second. Also laid out an internal WiFi network with 300 access points to provide high-speed 5G network coverage for all three conference sites, including the King Abdulaziz International Conference Centre and the Ritz-Carlton Crowne Plaza hotels.

stc aims to be net-zero by 2050, if not before. stc invested heavily in its infrastructure of 5G and fiber optics, and also invested heavily in cloud services, IoT, and data analytics capabilities to help transform the verticals such as health, education, utilities, transport and logistics, manufacturing, retail, and oil and gas to name a few.

The fifth edition of the FII under the theme “Invest in Humanity”, with the participation of a number of senior executives, investors and global decision-makers, discussed many technology topics, strategies, new economies, innovation, job creation, and protection of resources and the environment from climate variables, including renewable energy. Aiming to reduce carbon emissions from greenhouse emissions to zero carbon neutrality. During the multiple sessions, vital topics related to the future of the global economy, environment, climate change, energy, tourism, sustainability, health care, artificial intelligence, robotics, and investments that will bring the greatest benefit were discussed. The initiative is an effective global platform in promoting cooperation in order to make the desired impact on the future of humanity.

“Smart cities require a combination of strong leadership, collaborative sustainable investment, and the right talent to succeed. The leadership of the Kingdom has put sustainability at the heart of the transformation through Vision 2030. Our leadership fully recognized the need for multiple approaches to increasing connectivity, and have put clear and firm regulation in place to help deliver this through delivering world-leading wireless connectivity, delivering fiber optics to homes and businesses throughout the Kingdom, access to data centers and data analytics, increasing global access through cables for global connectivity and developing platforms for people to improve their lives and businesses to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their products and services delivery.”

Eng. Olayan Alwetaid, CEO, stc group

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