Vodacom Awarded “Best Mobile Network” in Tanzania

Vodacom Tanzania has announced that they have received the Best Mobile Network at the 5th Annual Tanzania ICT Conference 2021.

Vodacom Tanzania has received the best Mobile Network Award at the 5th Annual Tanzania ICT Conference this year.

Vodacom Tanzania has been working since 2000 to make digital connectivity a reality for the majority of Tanzanians. We have invested heavily in the latest cutting-edge technologies because we believe that as a country we cannot afford to be left behind in the rapidly developing digital economy.

In the time since Vodacom has embarked on the digitization journey, there have been many successes in the areas of education, health, agriculture, and financial inclusion. These achievements have come with the invaluable collaboration of many innovative and dedicated organizations and individuals.

“Winning the award for best Mobile Network Operator is an incredible honor and one that we also would like to dedicate and share with our customers and partners. We could not achieve this without them.

It is our strongly held belief that all stakeholders have an invaluable role to play when it comes to promoting and sustaining the ICT business in Tanzania. We congratulate all winners of this year’s awards as well as the nominees and wish all ICT stakeholders all the best in the coming year. We hope to work with all of you in pushing for the digitization agenda in Tanzania.”

Statement by Vodacom Tanzania

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