Seacom Completes its Acquisition of Hirani Telecom’s Metro Fibre Network

Seacom has announced the completion of its acquisition of Hirani Telecom’s metro fibre network.

In a recent announcement, Seacom has disclosed that it has completed the acquisition of Hirani Telecom’s metro fibre network. This network is expected to be integrated into Seacom’s existing metro fibre network and will be under their full control henceforth. This acquisition is a part of a larger strategy of Seacom’s to further expand its on-net capabilities.

From Hirani Telecom’s two existing carrier-neutral metro networks, Seacom has taken control over the one which was dedicated to its business. Hirani Telecom is going to retain control over its first network which was serving its residential customers.

Seacom’s customers are not expected to see any disruption or migration in the wake of the changes.

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