Azercosmos Comes into an Agreement with Infinite Orbits

Azercosmos has announced a cooperation agreement with the Singapore-based Infinite Orbits PTE Ltd.

Azercosmos has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Infinite Orbits PTE Ltd., a Singapore-based company for GEO satellite services.

Under the terms of the agreement, Azercosmos together with Infinite Orbits will jointly develop the production and operation of GEO satellites to expand the space industry in Azerbaijan. This cooperation is the start of a long-term partnership for strategic business and operational activities, as well as the development of manufacturing processes for the production of high-quality, low-cost satellites that meet the ever-changing business needs and requirements.

This strategic cooperation is at the heart of New Space and will capitalize on the opportunities that arise from the expansion of innovative space products based on GEO satellite services. Azercosmos will in addition create a new business direction to its stream of services, as well as ensure Azerbaijan’s participation in innovation opportunities in the global satellite industry, including AI,  research and development and other GEO sat services.

“We are very delighted to be partnering with Infinite Orbits, who has extensive experience in satellite technological innovations. We will develop our business to adapt to the changing demands of the geo satellite services  and contribute to the growth and expansion of our business.”

Mark Guthrie, Chief Commercial Officer

“We’re very enthusiastic to welcome Azercosmos as a partner and fully support its GEO satellites program driven by the growing demand for connectivity and the ever changing business environment.”

Adel Haddoud, CEO, Infinite Orbits

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