Paltel Group Selects Juniper Networks to Enhance its Network and Infrastructure

Paltel Group has announced that they have selected Juniper Network to help upgrade and develop its network and infrastructure.

Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, has announced that it has been selected by Paltel Group, Palestine’s leading telecommunications company, to upgrade and develop parts of its network and infrastructure through the installation of a simplified and space/power-conscious network to deliver fixed and broadband services for its business and residential subscriber bases.

Paltel Group has consolidated its ongoing co-operation with Juniper, in a strategic move whereby the two organizations will be working together to design and deploy this cutting-edge infrastructure. Paltel and its mobile arm, JAWWAL, are increasingly focused on the quality of digital experience for their users through delivering innovative new services regularly for domestic and international customers across voice, data and video. This partnership is part of their continuous work to meet their objective of delivering optimal experiences at scale while managing operational costs and space/consumption limitations.

Paltel uses its network to provide a wide range of digital offerings, including fixed and mobile broadband, value-added services, business internet connectivity, data communications and international peering services. The company decided to invest in a state-of-the-art infrastructure encompassing its broadband network gateway, international gateway and provider edge to ensure a cohesive, agile and scalable platform to underpin its fixed and mobile operations.

Juniper was selected for its ability to build transformational architectures using intelligent, open solutions which enable operational efficiencies through automation and consistently deliver superior end-user experiences.

“Paltel regards digital communications as a fundamental, non-negotiable element for the community that we serve. Therefore, the network platform has to be so much more than ‘just’ a set of products; it really is the enabler of a flawless digital experience across business, information sharing, education, entertainment, public services, family life and a lot more for our customers every day. For us, this is a huge responsibility and Paltel is confident that Juniper is exactly the right partner to help us succeed.”

Ammar Aker, Chief Executive Officer, Paltel Group

“Scale and performance have always been important attributes, and supporting today’s digital requirements and expectations have led to increasingly complex demands on the network. This has shifted smart service providers’ focus toward operational simplicity and service assurance driven by software automation as a business transformer. We think of this in terms of going beyond building better networks; it is about making the experience of networking better. I am very pleased that Juniper is working with Paltel to deliver the best possible network for its users.”

Rami Rahim, Chief Executive Officer, Juniper Networks

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