Umniah Selects LigaData to Provide Network and Digital Solutions

Umniah Mobile Company has appointed LigaData to deploy its analytical products and services in a new multi-year contract.

Umniah Mobile Company has appointed data analytics specialists LigaData to deploy their analytics products and services in a new multi-year contract.

Umniah, a subsidiary of Bahrain-based Batelco, is one of the fastest growing and most reliable mobile telecom operators in the middle east.

The strategic partnership between Umniah and LigaData reinforces Umniah’s leadership role in providing pioneering network and digital solutions for its customers and enhancing day-to-day experiences for its subscribers.

“Umniah continues to lead the way in providing the best network coverage, quality of service and cutting-edge digital services to our customers. Data and analytics play a paramount role in enabling us to accomplish this. The appointment of LigaData strengthens our commitment to supporting data-driven digital innovation, optimizing our network resources and enhancing our customer’s experience even further.”

Ziad Shatara, Umniah Chief Executive Officer

“Umniah’s brand is synonymous with innovation and agility in the region. We’re honored to partner with Umniah to leverage AI and analytics to meet the organization’s digital transformation ambitions. Data is more important than ever, we look forward to replicating the robust data analytics and AI successes experienced by our existing client base and their 350+ million subscribers worldwide.”

Bassel Ojjeh, CEO, LigaData

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