Rwanda Space Agency Files Request to ITU for 2 Fleets of Satellites

The Rwanda Space Agency has filed a request with the ITU for two satellite constellations named CINNAMON-217 and CINNAMON-937.

The Rwanda Space Agency (RSA) has filed a request for satellite constellations with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The submission is in compliance with ITU regulations and procedures and concerns two constellations named CINNAMON-217 and CINNAMON-937.

“Filings with the ITU are essential to register satellite frequencies and orbital slots, and to secure the possibility of future satellite launches. This process is consistent with the ambition of the Government of Rwanda to make space a new frontier for our national development.
With the technology now available to make full use of these slots, Rwanda plans to develop projects that will provide various essential services and open up the country as a hub for the African space industry.”

Francis Ngabo, Chief Executive Officer, RSA

The space industry is worth over $400bn, and the satellite industry, which represents 74% of the total space economy, is a particularly important area.
Rwanda continues to work to provide a secure and stable environment for investment by improving infrastructure, technology, and education, and creating conducive regulatory and taxation frameworks. The space sector holds enormous potential for Rwanda, and the Rwanda Space Agency looks forward to developing this area in the coming years.

While the development of the Rwandan space sector is still in its early stages, the ITU filing marks an exciting step in the ongoing efforts. Progress towards RSA’s goals will be achieved in collaboration with national, regional, and international partners, and with the full co-operation of the ITU and its members.

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