Kaspersky Launches Free Platform to Help Increase Security for SMEs

In its effort to enable better security for small businesses, Kaspersky has launched a free portal which is filled with tips and suggestions to increase security while on a budget.

Kaspersky has launched a free platform to help small businesses get better access to increased security measures, Kaspersky Cybersecurity on a Budget.

The platform provides numerous pointers about various elements that people and small business owners should be mindful of while running their business. These pointers help answer very intrinsic questions like, “How to safeguard client databases, reports, and other important data”, How to organize your company’s internal and external communication.” amongst other things.

“At Kaspersky, we are confident that by following basic rules, organisations can achieve an essential level of cyber protection in a short time and without additional resources. Be it a small construction company, a cafe or a marketing agency, the platform works for anyone. The pandemic hit small businesses hard so finance and resources may be limited today. This is one more argument towards investing a few minutes to read and a few hours to implement recommendations that will then help to keep your business protected.”

Evgeniya Naumova, Executive Vice President, Corporate Business, Kaspersky

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