stc Awarded the ISO Certification After Meeting the British Standards Institutes’ requirements

After meeting the standards set by the British Standards’ Institute, stc has been awarded the ISO 22301:2019 certification.

stc has been awarded the ISO 22301:2019 certification for the adoption of the communications crisis management system for business continuity and resilience. This achievement is a testament to stc’s commitment to investing to serve its customers. The company has met the necessary standards to obtain the certificate, including, identifying risks to ensure business continuity and setting appropriate controls to manage them, adopting a preventive approach to reduce the impact of accidents to the lowest level, ensuring continuity of basic business during times of crisis, reducing downtime in the event of an accident to the lowest level, and protecting individuals and managing reputation.

Where stc consider the development of a business continuity management system one of our most important priorities in order to be able to quickly overcome any emergency that may occur at any time, and this international system shows how important it is to adhere to flexibility when any unexpected event occurs.

The International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 22301 standard is the main framework for activating organizational resilience, which helps to identify potential threats to the organization and the impact of these threats on operations and services, should they occur. It also enables organizations to identify ways of ensuring business continuity, including developing plans, defining the implementation and operation method to mitigate risks, and determining the appropriate strategy to avoid events that cause business and service disruption. stc has recently implemented various preventive measures and strategic plans to protect employees and customers and reduce the impact of any emergency event.

stc is aware of the importance of sustaining its business, so it has invested, in previous years, in enhancing its infrastructure and systems to improve efficiency, expand operational coverage, increase flexibility and reliability, and meet the aspirations of its customers. stc’s risk management approach has been developed to identify and address potential risks in the telecommunications sector, whether strategic, regulatory, financial, business and operations, supply chain, cybersecurity, and business continuity. It is essential to be prepared and respond as necessary to manage these challenges in line with international best practices. stc’s risk management procedures are guided by ISO’s risk management standards (ISO 31000:2018), mainly to understand the risks that may arise in challenging and rapidly changing challenging environments.

Receiving the ISO 22301: 2019 certification is an affirmation of the effectiveness of stc’s systems and the efficiency of its employees to ensure business continuity. It also reflects its commitment to adopting business sustainability practices and meeting global governance standards, thus enhancing its position as a leading digital enabler in the KSA and the region. stc’s approved program for business continuity is subject to review, development, and alignment with other administrative systems to unify resilience goals.

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