Globacom and Eutelsat Come into a Deal to Deploy Satellite Connectivity in Nigeria

In a recent announcement, it has been disclosed that Eutelsat of France and Globacom have signed a deal for satellite deployment in the Nigerian Market.

To aim for a satellite deployement in the Nigerian market, Globacom has come into a deal with Eutelsat, France. The deal was signed at the Elysee Palace in Paris in the presence of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the French President.

The deal was signed on the occasion by Chief Mike Adenuga, the chairman of Globacom on behalf of Globacom, and Rodolphe Belmer, the CEO of Eutelsat on behalf of Eutelsat.

“The genesis and bedrock of that relationship was the energy team at the Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) Paris office, led by Guillaume Leenhardt. A great deal of our early success can be attributed to the professionalism, customer orientation, and creativity of that team.

We worked extremely hard and well together to meet some ridiculously tight deadlines – working through the night till 6 a.m. only to resume work again at 8 a.m. after a quick nap and shower. Those are days I remember with a lot of fondness.

Soon after the award of our telecommunications licence in 2003, our relationship with another prominent French company, Alcatel, led at the time by Serge Tchuruk, enabled us to fast-track the roll-out of our infrastructure and close the gap on the competition, which had had a 15-month head start.”

Chief Mike Adenuga, Chairman, Globacom,

“Lagos is one of the challenges of, not only Nigeria but Africa. This huge city is a tremendous challenge about how to make people live together in peace. I want France to be part of this story. I do want my country and its citizens to be part of this experience, which means sharing the same values, cultures, languages, literature, music, movies, and common economic projects, among others.”

Emmanuel Macron, President, France

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