SEACOM’s Regional MD to Leave the Company

In a latest announcement, SEACOM has disclosed that Tonny Tugee is expected to leave his position as a Regional Managing Director.

In its latest announcement, SEACOM announced that Tonny Tugee, their Regional Managing Director for East North East Africa is leaving his position. 

Mr. Tugee had moved to SEACOM from Safaricom as a Head of Sales in 2017 and later he was appointed as the Regional Managing Director.

Mr. Tugee has played an important role in SEACOM’s growth in East Africa during his tenure.

“Tonny has been a valuable part of our business, driving growth and expansion in the East Africa region. His efforts have supported SEACOM’s purpose of connecting Africa to the world.”

Steve Briggs, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO), SEACOM Group

“I am sincerely grateful to SEACOM staff and customers for the past few years in which we increased access to broadband Internet in Africa. We have a way to go in narrowing the digital divide on the continent, and SEACOM remains a critical player in bridging this divide. I am truly grateful to have been a part of an organisation that enables more and more citizens to participate in the digital economy.”

Tonny Tugee, Ex-Regional Managing Director for East North East Africa, SEACOM 

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