Mastercard Welcomes NymCard in its Network Enablement Partner Program

Mastercard has announced the welcoming of the BaaS provider, NymCard to its Network Enablement Partner Program.

Mastercard has welcomed the banking-as-a-service (BaaS) provider and modern card issuing platform, NymCard, as the newest company to join its Network Enablement Partner program, providing it with the ability to deliver Issuances in record time.

As a Network Enablement Partner, NymCard gets direct connectivity with Mastercard, providing it with privileged access to Mastercard’s core assets: network, reach, solutions, and information to unlock opportunities for disruption, transformation, and growth within the region’s digital payments ecosystem.

The Network Enablement Partner initiative forms part of Mastercard’s commitment to catalyzing the fintech and digital payments ecosystem, emphasizing NymCard’s role as a leading fintech enabler.

“We are delighted that NymCard has joined the Mastercard Network Enablement Partner program, allowing fintech players to go to market faster, accelerate product innovation and optimize performance and operational efficiency for its customers. Mastercard is constantly adapting to the market environment and creating new programs and solutions to enable the transformation of the market and pave the way for new players – NymCard’s new role as a Network Enablement Partner represents an exciting milestone.”

J.K. Khalil, Country Manager, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Levant, Mastercard

“In a digital world where users want easy transactions, our new partnership with Mastercard represents a real opportunity for us, as a Network Enablement Partner, to power promising fintechs and payment innovators to scale at speed across multiple geographies.”

Mr. Omar Onsi, CEO and Founder, NymCard,

Abu Dhabi-based NymCard offers a cloud-based or on-premises modern payment issuing and processing platform, allowing fintechs, large enterprises, and banks to instantly create, control, and distribute virtual or physical payment cards.

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