Zain Bahrain Partners with the Rotary Club to Support the 7ewar 3.0 Forum

Zain Bahrain has announced a partnership with the Rotary Club of Adilya to host and support the 7ewar 3.0 Forum.

Zain Bahrain, the leading Mobile Broadband network operator in the Kingdom, has partnered with the Rotary Club of Adliya (RCA) to virtually host the ‘7ewar 3.0 Forum’ youth initiative; now in its third edition, to be held on the 7th October 2021. By extending its support to the ‘7ewar 3.0 Forum’, Zain Bahrain aims to generate awareness amongst Bahraini youth to understand and manage generational differences at the workplace in order to create a more productive work environment. The partnership is in line with Zain Bahrain’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs focused on education with a concentration on youth development and empowerment. Inspiring community spirit is one of Zain Bahrain’s core values which is why we continue to support initiatives that focus on enhancing the skillset of Bahraini youth and simultaneously create a future competitive workforce which directly contributes to Bahrain’s Vision 2030.

The ‘7ewar 3.0 Forum’ initiative comprises of a series of discussions and presentations with the purpose of facilitating meaningful dialogue between young professionals (Generation Y and Z) and senior management (Generation X and Baby-Boomers), which will be facilitated by Amal Al Kooheji, RCA’s Youth Service Committee Chair. The 3-hour virtual forum will be divided into two sessions and will consist of a panel of three millennials and three Executives from Generation X and Baby Boomers and an audience from both generations who will play a key role in the discussion process, becoming heavily involved in contributing to ideas and solutions to the problem at hand. During the first session, the audience will be listening to a panel comprised of the two generations, discussing and debating the main topic, ‘The Pandemic – its Impact on Work and the Workforce.’ There will be discussions around ‘Creating work-life balance and mental well-being; flexi-work mode concepts, Employee engagement during COVID and back to work – what is the new normal?’ 

Dr. Akbar Jaffari, CEO, JAFCON Consultants, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. R. Palan, Pro Chancellor, University of Cyberjaya (UOC) and Social Entrepreneur, Malaysia and Mrs. Rana Al Majed, Acting Director, Human Resources, Zain Bahrain will be on the panel during the first session of the forum. Joining them on the opposing panels, are a group of active millennials, Mr. Abdulrahman Abdulla, Research and Strategy Specialist at Zain Bahrain, Mr. Sanket Kothari, Past President, Rotaract Bahrain, Consultant, KPMG and Ms. Sara Adel Al Sayed, a Special Education Assistant at the U.S. Department of Defense.   The second session will have the attendees split into teams to discuss solutions to the challenges and will consist of presentations by the participants in the main audience space. Overall, the virtual 7ewar 3.0 Forum is intended to bring about practical solutions to the challenges faced by companies in Bahrain by bringing decision makers and youth together to improve workplace productivity.

“We have always believed that targeted investment in Bahraini youth will result in sustainable development and hence have constantly partnered with entities that contribute to the training and development of various skills that empower our youth. By partnering with the Rotary Club of Adliya, we aim to further enhance the communication bonds to manage an increasingly multigenerational workforce. The partnership comes in line with Zain Bahrain’s continuous efforts to support youth empowerment and upskilling of local talent. We are glad that the ‘7ewar 3.0 Forum’ is catering to a very important and relevant topic and is highlighting how employees of different ages experience, react and adapt to the intense change brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. We would encourage more Bahraini youth to join this discussion as it can be a catalyst for motivation to enhance communication skills and learn problem-solving in the workplace.” 

Sheikh Abdulla bin Khalid Al Khalifa, Director, Communications & Investor Relations, Zain Bahrain

“7ewar is an annual multi-generational discussion that is aimed to bridge the gaps between different views and practices that exist in organisations today.  Rotary Club of Adliya aims to empower youth and make their voices heard by policy and decision-makers in corporates, in order to have more productive working environments.  We are looking forward to our first virtual event and are proud to be partnering with Zain Bahrain, as it represents an extremely successful and unique model for youth engagement within its workforce in the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

Amal Al Kooheji of Rotary Club of Adliya leading 7ewar 3.0

Zain Bahrain continues to invest in distinct initiatives that empower Bahraini youth and aims to bridge the gap between education and future market requirements by supporting youth with the latest skills required to advance their career paths and contribute to the Kingdom’s future growth. 

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