Virgin Mobile SA Scrambles in the Wake of Closure of Services

Virgin Mobile SA has found itself in an unusual situation where it hasn’t been able to provide a seamless transition for its users following Cell C’s termination of its customer service.

In the wake of the termination of its services, Virgin Mobile SA has found itself in a sticky situation as its users are now trying to port to a new service. They took to their website and social media to announce their disappointment in the situation that has arisen.

“Once again, we apologise for having to transfer subscribers much sooner than we had intended. We are extremely disappointed that our host network. Cell C, decided to terminate our customers’ service with so little notice. We had, as previously communicated, planned a transition over a three-month period, giving customers up until November 30th 2021 to arrange the transition and ensure no interruption to their service. This sudden change was unfortunately beyond our control.
Your Virgin Mobile SIM cord will remain active until 5pm on Saturday the 1S of September, not today. This means you have another 24 hours to port your number. We’ve also become aware that Cell C stopped SMS and calls for some customers as early as yesterday. SMS has now been reinstated for all customers.
All customers have now been moved to prepaid to allow for an easier and faster number migration process and we will do our utmost to continue providing you with the support necessary to help facilitate your port to a new host provider. We are however advising subscribers to contact the service provider of their choice to initiate the port-in process directly with them.”

Announcement by Virgin Mobiles

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