Mauritius Telecom Unveils 1 Gbps Broadband Connectivity

Mauritius Telecom has announced a new broadband connectivity for its users with the speed of 1 Gbps.

In its latest announcement, Mauritius Telecom has disclosed that they have begun to provide 1 Gbps broadband connectivity for its users. The company claims that Mauritius will now be the second African country to provide gigabit speed to its users.

“Expectations have changed. Each family, each person is different, with different needs and it is our job to adapt. Today customers are looking for entertainment, bandwidth, and connectivity as a one-stop-shop,” he said.

Sherry Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Mauritius Telecom

Mauritius Telecom has also unveiled another range of dual-play fibre broadband and TV packages, however, these packages will only have downlink speeds of 50Mbps,100Mbps, 500Mbps.

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