Tailored Network Connectivity for Africa

Caroline Kamaitha, Vice President, Fixed Data Africa, SES Networks, about the challenges involved in enhancing Africa’s network connectivity.

2020 challenged the telecoms landscape. Bandwidth demand surged, especially in residential areas, and while MNOs were largely able to cater to end users’ needs, the story was only beginning. In 2021, demand continues to rise tempered by the economic challenges. MNOs and other operators are preparing for the uncertainty the markets present.

As long-term demand is anticipated, operators must stay on top of their digital agenda by ensuring their networks are seamlessly connected, even in areas where little-to-no terrestrial links exist. Heavy, unpredictable traffic generated by cloud and IoT applications puts major strain on existing remote networks – but O3b mPOWER is engineered to pick up the slack in underserved areas, with accelerated time-to-market and less upfront investment compared to fibre laying. The satellite industry is key to supplementing ever-increasing demand, especially now in the era of 5G.

Our pioneering O3b mPOWER system leverages innovations in both spacecraft and ground infrastructures to deliver the highest quality connectivity. It’s no longer enough to simply supply ultra-high throughput and low latency; to succeed, our system was designed to provide extreme flexibility – meeting our customers’ evolving requirements.

O3b mPOWER is set to revolutionize satellite communications by offering an unmatched quality of experience that is as adaptable as it is reliable. Integrated, context-specific connectivity is key to Africa’s continued growth and success, and I am proud to be part of this process. It is only through meeting users’ needs that operators can stay ahead; by harnessing the possibilities of O3b mPOWER.

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