ESOA and Smart Africa Partner Up to Help Advance Africa’s Digital Transformation

To help accelerate Africa’s digital transformation, ESOA and the Smart Africa Alliance have come into a partnership.

ESOA, the EMEA Satellite Operators Association and the Smart Africa Alliance (Smart Africa) announced a partnership to help advance Africa’s digital transformation.

ESOA and Smart Africa will collaborate on digital transformation and innovation initiatives across the continent. The aim of the partnership is to achieve the goals on coverage and connectivity with satellite solutions across Africa in education, healthcare, research and development and other essential fields within Smart Africa Member States. The organisations will collaborate on common activities supporting the development of the space and satellite industry in Africa through sharing best practices in satellite regulation and implementation, showcasing successful use cases within Africa and leveraging the knowledge base on satellite services deployment in Africa.

“The partnership will be a key milestone in driving thought-leadership for the satellite industry. We look forward to seeing mutually beneficial results for Smart Africa Member States in satellite communication arising from this partnership.”

Mr. Lacina Koné, Director General and CEO of Smart Africa

“Smart Africa is recognised for its leadership in Africa. We are looking forward to working in this partnership to make a tangible difference to the lives of African citizens and in turn to African economies.”

Ms. Holla-Maini, Secretary General, ESOA

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