Squire Technologies Introduce Cloud Native Solutions, Sigla Platform

In their effort to bring an innovative cloud native solution for the operation of multi-gen networks, Squire Technologies have launched Sigla Platform.

Squire Technologies introduces the Sigla Platform, an innovative cloud native solution that brings a homogenous layer to the management and operation of multi-generation networks. An amalgamation of Squire Technologies core network technologies, Sigla leverages over two decades experience in deploying signalling interworking solutions. The platform frees operators from the burden of managing multiple core networks, reducing complexity and operating costs.

As mobile telecoms advance through its 5th Generation operators and CSP’s are met with the challenge of serving customers over multi-generation networks. While 5G promises numerous revenue opportunities, across the globe operators continue to depend upon and expect to make significant revenue from existing 2G, 3G and 4G networks for the foreseeable future. These networks continue to support a significant portion of global mobile subscribers as well as essential infrastructure, such as emergency in-vehicle eCall systems and smart metering for energy companies.

Designed to support all network generations and segments, Sigla enables operators and CSP’s to reap the rewards of new emerging opportunities from integrating with 5G, while retaining existing revenue from past network investment.

The Sigla platform manages the core aspects of telco networks, unifying all signalling routing and interworking, mediation, security and monitoring into a centralised platform. Conducting all signalling across multi-protocol environments Sigla enables operators to provision their networks and seamlessly integrate business critical infrastructure and deploy new revenue generating services from a single location. This eliminates the need for operators to manage multiple core network elements resulting in a reduction in network complexity and operational expenditure.

Sigla meets the demands of telecoms networks today and in the future with a flexible forward and backward facing solution that’s easily scalable and suited to 5G network evolution and mobile edge applications.

“As network evolution continues and new segments have materialised from IOT and 5G Signalling, managing multiple core networks has become an immensely complex and costly affair for mobile operators. While 5G promises new revenue streams the realisation of this remains in the future and operators will continue to depend upon revenue from existing networks and subscribers. As opposed to the traditional sunsetting of technology, operators are looking at ways they can protect previous network investment and facilitate the integration and compatibility of new and old technology to allow signalling data to seamlessly traverse all network generations.

The Sigla Platform ensures that any network evolution and investment in 5G doesn’t simply add further complexity but works in harmony with operators’ existing network infrastructure. For example if an operator wants to deploy the very latest 5G Network it is imperative that they are able to integrate with their existing Business Support Systems and IT Infrastructure so the User Experience right from Provisioning, Charging to Billing and Self Care remains seamless as before not only for their 5G customers but also their existing customers and applications.”

Sanjeev Verma, Chief Executive Officer, Squire Technologies

At the heart of the Sigla is interoperability, ensuring that different generations of technologies work in harmony, protecting operators’ investment in their core network infrastructure while ensuring they can deliver upgrades and 5G service in the knowledge that it will interoperate with their existing network infrastructure.

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