Mastercard Partners with Spot Money to Help the Underserved People

Mastercard has come into a partnership with Spot Money to help donate meals to the underserved South African population.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of lockdown regulations, many South African households have been adversely impacted by hunger. According to Ipsos research, over 40% of the South African population is affected by hunger and almost half of people surveyed indicated that adults or children in their household had to go hungry during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To help counter this and as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion, Mastercard has partnered with Spot Money to donate meals for distribution to South African children in underserviced societies through FoodForward SA.

Until 7 October 2021, every time a consumer signs up for a Spot Money account, Mastercard will donate three meals to FoodForward SA. Each time a consumer taps, scans or clicks to pay using their Spot Money App or transacts with their physical Spot Money card, Mastercard will donate an additional one meal to FoodForward SA.

This initiative is aimed at assisting to reverse the spiral of poverty by eliminating hunger, driving inclusion, and enabling and empowering those in need.

“This campaign is a Priceless cause we know many people hold close to their hearts, and together, we can do more to be a force for good and make a real difference in people’s lives. Continuing our shared vision, we are combining our expertise in technology and digital innovation with that of our partners. In South Africa, we are collaborating with Spot Money and FoodForward SA with the goal of donating over 800,000 meals to provide vital food assistance to vulnerable communities.”

Kamini Redhi, Director of Marketing and Communications, Mastercard South Africa

Supported by Mastercard’s technology, Spot Money is a digital banking platform that makes transactional banking easier, provides a Spot Money account that is fee-free, offers customers rewards when they transact and provides a marketplace for customers’ lifestyle needs – all in one app! The app enables users to pay using various payments methods including Scan to Pay (a QR code-based service), a virtual and physical Spot Money card, or contactless mobile phone payments.

“Our collaboration with Mastercard is set to make a positive impact in combating hunger and making a notable difference to thousands of vulnerable families across the country. Acknowledging that there is still a significant amount of work to be done to completely alleviate hunger, we believe that this collaborative effort is a step in the right direction.”

Andre Hugo, Chief Executive Officer, Spot Money

The donated meals will be distributed by FoodForward SA to more than 1,200 beneficiary organisations across South Africa, helping reach millions of people.

“Thousands of registered non-profit organisations (NPOs) provide meals for those who cannot afford to buy food or for people who run out of money two weeks into the month. Partnerships between NPOs and the corporate sector are crucial at this time of recovery so that we can respond appropriately in vulnerable communities. We appeal to all South Africans to support this initiative and help us provide much-needed food services to those who are most in need.”

Andy Du Plessis, Managing Director, FoodForward SA

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