Zamtel Announces Plans for an Ambitious Future

In a recent company event, Zamtel’s Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Mupeta has announced a ambitious plans for the company’s future.

Zamtel recently announced its ambitious plans to double its subscriber base from 3.7 million to 7 million by the end of 2023. The company’s CEO announced the plans in a company event on Friday.

“It is evident that Zamtel has been on a steady growth path. The growth trajectory that the business has witnessed over the last few years has exerted pressure on both network and subscriber management capacities.

With a firm focus on positioning the business for further long-term growth, the Board and Management have decided to invest, significantly, in new network capacity equipment that will enable the business to continue capturing new customers without compromising the quality of both voice and data services.

To give you some perspective, our active subscriber base is around 3.7 million accounting for a market share of just under 20% but the business has tremendous potential to grow even further. This is what motivated the Board and Management to make this strategic business decision. With this new equipment we are projecting to double our customer base to somewhere in the region of 7 million subscribers within the next 2 years.”

Sydney Mupeta, Chief Executive Officer, Zamtel

In his announcement, Mr Mupeta added that Zamtel is through with the expansion of its Core Data Network equipment that was being done to enable a better internet service.

“In July this year, we announced the commencement of expansion works of our Core Data Network equipment aimed at improving the internet experience on the Zamtel network. I am happy to announce that Phase I of the expansion which involved upgrading the node capacity at our Lamya House in Lusaka from 12Gbps to 52Gbps has been successfully completed.

We have now moved to Phase II of the project which involves upgrading the existing 12Gbps node capacity to 52Gbps at our Woodlands Technical Centre. We are confident that these works will be fully completed, and our customers fully migrated to the new Core Network by mid-November this year. At the end of Phase II, Zamtel data users will enjoy superior internet service.”

Sydney Mupeta, Chief Executive Officer, Zamtel

In the course of the speech he reiterated on the company’s belief to launch a digital revolution in Zambia.

“In line with the ambitions of the new Government of transforming Zambia into a knowledge and digital economy, Zamtel is uniquely positioned to contribute to the envisioned Digital Revolution. Zamtel has developed digital solutions aimed at driving automation and digitization in various sectors of our economy, such as our Venous Hospital Management System, Council Management System and electronic Payment Gateway, among others.

We stand ready to partner with the Government and the Private Sector to develop innovative digital solutions and services that will respond to some of our Country’s challenges.”

Sydney Mupeta, Chief Executive Officer, Zamtel

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