Globitel and Comtech Successfully Implement Location-based Services

Coming together, Globitel and Comtech have successfully implemented location-based services for two mobile operation in Saudi Arabia and Middle East.

Globitel, a leading customer care and telecom solutions provider, in cooperation with Comtech Telecommunications Corp.’s Location Technologies group, a world leader in secure wireless communication technologies, announce the successful implementation of location-based services for two of the biggest mobile operators in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East at large.

These top-tier operators in Saudi Arabia have been long-time customers of Globitel and have experienced Globitel’s dedication to delivering unmatched service and support at every stage of a project to make it a success. As a result, when it came to managing such a complex multivendor project, Globitel was the obvious choice.

“Globitel’s technical competency and utmost commitment to its customers, in tandem with Comtech’s world-renowned solutions, lead the way in successfully implementing these large projects.

We have found incredible harmony with Comtech, and this was exemplified in the projects we undertook together over the past two years. The combined strength of our customer awareness and professional service has proven to be an unbeatable match that has served very well for two of the biggest telecom companies in the Middle East, and this is only the beginning. We are forming a strategic alliance with Comtech to replicate this success in other operators in the Middle East, where Globitel is strongly present.”

Nael Halawa, Managing Director, Globitel’s KSA Office

“Our partnership with Globitel with its top-of-the-line technical support and involved presence in the Middle East complemented our dedication to deliver advanced and secure location-based solutions across the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks. Globitel’s and Comtech’s outstanding relationships with their network of customers in the Middle East, along with their technical competency, enabled them to play an active role in these projects, adding tremendous value in making these projects a success.”

Fred Kornberg, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Comtech Telecommunications Corp.

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