Becomes the Official Provider of Electronic Signatures in Kenya

In a recent announcement, has been recognised as the official provider of electronic signatures in Kenya after a year of operation from the region.

It’s been just over a year since, a global leader in cloud software for Conversational Commerce, opened its doors in Kenya with a mission to transform the local conversational commerce landscape, driving seamless communication between businesses and customers across Africa.

During this time, the pandemic restructured traditional working environments, with remote and hybrid working becoming the norm for many organisations. As such, electronic or digital signatures have become a key part of business systems across the globe. Kenya is no exception, and under the Business Laws (Amendment) Act 2020, electronic signatures were officially recognised as being legally valid on 18 March 2020 to make doing business remotely easier.

However, for a digital signature to be legally acceptable in Kenya, it must be issued by a recognised Electronic Certification Provider (E-CSP). Consequently, all foreign E-CSPs, including, had to apply for recognition of their services in Kenya. In compliance with this requirement, under its local subsidiary; CMCOM Kenya Limited, applied and was officially recognised in July 2021 by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) as a provider of electronic signatures. This means that the company is licenced to issue digital certificates – a record that supports a digital signature – and can authenticate signatories. also ensures the integrity of digital documents, giving all parties confidence in these transactions.

The company’s digital signature solution Sign enables businesses and their customers to quickly and securely sign contracts, agreements, and documents from anywhere, by sending an invite via SMS, email, or WhatsApp Business Solution. Based on the latest UX insights, the platform was redesigned earlier this year for an even more streamlined and user-friendly signature process. And because businesses only pay per document signed and have unlimited user access, the multi-user solution is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking for an easy, accessible, and affordable electronic signature product. Sign can be used across government and other industries, including healthcare, HR, real estate, legal, and finance, to accelerate processes and help organisations grow digitally.

“We are delighted to finally be acknowledged as an official E-CSP in Kenya. This recognition by the CA will help us to continue serving Kenyan organisations, providing them with a new level of convenience in a digitally driven business landscape. At, we always aim to connect people in new, unique ways, and our Sign offering does just that, making digital signage easy and efficient across every industry.”

John Mugwe, Country Manager, Kenya

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