Camtel’s New Technology Gains Steady Traction

Camtel has its eyes on potential investors in Brazil to pitch its new submarine fibre optic cable as a favourable investment.

Camtel’s South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL) created submarine fibre optic cable has been commended as vital for its strategic importance for Cameroon.

Rolled out in 2018, submarine fibre optic cable has been created to pave the way forward to deliver a direct path. The cable utilises 100G transmission technology and is expected to deliver a capacity of 32 Tbps. with a four-fibre pair configuration.

Reportedly, Camtel is preparing to visit Brazil to show the country’s technological capacity and present it’s favourablity towards investments.

“The first and direct cable system, a 6000km cable which runs from Kribi in Cameroon to Fortaleza in Brazil, has a veritable potential to invigorate and deepen economic and commercial transactions between Cameroon and Brazil, as well as between the two continents. With the SAIL cable, communication can be made in a direct manner without passing through Europe or the United States; we gain in speed and quality of transmission at a lower cost. (with SAIL) Cameroon has an essential tool to eventually become a telecommunications hub between South America and Central Africa, and that the cable would definitely attract Brazilian telecommunications investors.

This mission seems very necessary and very timely… This is a great initiative and we appreciate it in maintaining our relationship in general and technology in particular.”

Vivian Loss Sanmartin, Ambassador of Brazil to Cameroon

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