Airtel Niger Invests $5.7M Towards Advancing the Region’s Telecom Industry

Airtel Niger has reportedly invested $5.7 Million towards building and deploying optic fibre in the region from Niger to the borders of Nigeria.

Courtesy Bloomberg

To aid its efforts to accelerate the telecom sector, Airtel Niger is reportedly deploying optical fiber in the region and has invested $5.7 million towards the project. The optical fibre will extend from major cities in Niger to the border of Nigeria.

The project is expected to entail a 12kms fibre optic loop going through Zinder and a 123kms optical link between Zinder and Maimoujia. The goal however is to keep Zinder as an important part for handling local and international traffic.

“(Zinder city will become a) strategic pole of the sub-regional interconnection plan with the city becoming a point of passage of traffic of bordering countries towards the international one.”

Mohamed Bazoum, President of the Republic of Niger

In Niger’s telecom market, Airtel is the leading company with a market share of approximately 40%.

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