Sivoo Inc. Launches the SivooTV App Across 6 Countries in Africa

Sivoo Inc. has announced that their mobile app is now available in half a dozen of African countries to establish a solid foothold in the region.

SIVOO Inc., a global network of multicultural on-demand entertainment programming, announced that they have launched their SivooTV mobile app in Africa — starting with a half dozen countries; Nigeria and Tanzania lead the effort with Uganda, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda wrapping up the launch as the first six of many countries to follow.

Africans, residing in the launched countries, will now be able to access SivooTV, our video streaming app in the KaiOS Store. This marks a first for KaiOS users to view a broad catalog of titles, adapted for their device and bandwidth challenges.

“The organic growth we’re seeing in the countries we’ve launched the app in to date has surprised us in a very optimistic light. We’re confident that as we activate more countries in the continent, the proliferation of registrations and content consumption will build exponentially.”

Dr. Burhan Fatah, Chief Executive Officer, Sivoo

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