UNITEL Launches Fintech App – UNITEL Money

UNITEL has announced the launch of its digital payment services called UNITEL Money on August 23rd 2021.

UNITEL Serviços de Pagamentos Móveis (Mobile Payments Services) a company 100% owned by mobile telephony operator UNITEL, SA, launched the new mobile and instant payments and transfers service by telephone terminals, called UNITEL Money on 23 August 20221.

The information was advanced by the General Director of UNITEL, SA and Administrator of the USPM, Eng. Miguel Geraldes, during the online workshop that brought together nearly 100 journalists from various media organizations in the country and guests.

At the event, which also had the interventions of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UNITEL Serviços de Pagamentos Móveis (USPM), Dr. João Quipipa, the Director Eng. Amílcar Safeca and the CEO of Huawei, Edric Chu, the advantages of adhesion to the service that aims to promote the development of science, technology and innovation, human development, improve the quality of life of populations and fight poverty.

According to the Administrator Miguel Geraldes, the intention is to reach 3 million users in the business, which will only be profitable as the number of customers increases.

Not being the 1st mobile payments service in Angola, Miguel Geraldes emphasized 3 factors that give UNITEL SPM an advantage, one of them being the Agents network.

The event included the following themes on the agenda: “Mobile Money Serviços”, by the Project Manager of UNITEL Money, Antonieta Gomes; “Mobile Money Security and Compliance”, by Pedro Moreira, USPM Compliance Office and on the “Agents/Stores Network Capillarity”, in a work by the Senior Sales Agent and Store managers, Ricardo Cardoso and Josefa Oliveira.

The UNITEL Money is a digital wallet that allows you to deposit, store, transfer, purchase UNITEL refills or withdraw money via mobile phone in a practical, easy and safe.

Opening and managing an account is free and done digitally. No bureaucracy and no paper. To open a UNITEL MONEY account, UNITEL customers can access the UNITEL Money Menu via *449# or by downloading the UNITEL Money app from the playstore or app store and opening their UNITEL Money account for free.

Deposits and withdrawals from the UNITEL Money wallet can be made at any UNITEL Money Store or Agent, in a network of hundreds of branches throughout the country. Once the deposit has been made, the customer will be able to immediately and instantly send the amount to another customer to pick up at the agent where he usually buys his UNITEL refills, thus avoiding long lines. The operations have transaction limits, in accordance with the guidelines of the National Bank of Angola, and are carried out with a personal and non-transferable pin, ensuring security.

UNITEL will very soon launch mPayments, or Mobile Payments. UNITEL is already working to involve more and more participants in the ecosystem so that it is possible to go to any merchant and pay directly with UNITEL Money without having to carry cash and change in your pocket. This also becomes, for any trader, an added advantage in security as it avoids keeping large sums of money in cash.

Soon all traders in Angola will be able to receive payments from any UNITEL Money customer, as if it were a cash machine. Paying the monthly bills, water, electricity and gas will also be possible with UNITEL Money

With this launch, UNITEL reinforces its role in leadership and innovation, always responding with new solutions adapted to the diverse and dynamic reality of Angola.

UNITEL’s UNITEL Money service is supported by the Huawei platform. As a reliable and long-term strategic partner, Huawei has been consistently proven by fruitful cooperation with UNITEL over the past two years.

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