Raycom Technologies and Avaya to Deliver a Unified Communication Environment in Ghana

RayCom Technologies to transform the market contact center as-a- service and unified communications-as-a-service offerings powered by Avaya OneCloud.

Raycom Technologies, a leading ICT provider, has launched ‘Everything as a Service’, a transformational offering that delivers cloud-based Unified Communications and Contact Center services powered by Avaya across Ghana.

The offering, which equips Ghanaian businesses to contend with fast-moving digital transformation requirements, is already providing value for leading organizations in the country, including Vodafone Ghana and GCB.

“When it comes to delivering stand-out customer experiences, particularly in a post-COVID era, flexibility is key for us. We need to be flexible enough to add agent capacity at times of peak demand; flexible enough to enable agents to work from anywhere at times of reduced travel; and flexible enough to quickly spool up new services that will add value to the customer journey. RayCom and Avaya have given us this flexibility with ‘Everything as a Service’.”

Mildred Abbey, BSS Manager, Vodafone Ghana

GCB Bank, meanwhile, is leveraging ‘Everything as a Service’ to create a unified communications environment, which standardizes the customer and employee experience and puts subject-matter experts at the heart of the customer experience.

“When our customers contact us, they expect timely information and action, and we want to leverage our experts to enable this. We are unifying the technology through which both our customers and employees communicate to make it easier for front-line agents to get the support and insights they need when dealing with customer requests. ‘Everything as a Service’ has helped us to quickly roll out the advanced technologies needed to realize this vision, where anyone at the company can solve customer challenges.”

Muniru Muktar, Head – Customer Service, GCB

‘Everything as a Service’ leverages Avaya OneCloud, an AI-powered experience platform that includes CCaaS, UCaaS and CPaaS, and which completely redefines how organizations empower an on-demand workforce to deliver optimal experiences for today’s “everything customer.”

Avaya is applying AI in new ways across its OneCloud communications and collaboration solutions to create more personalized, in-the-moment engagements. Through the partnership, Raycom will host Avaya OneCloud CCaaS and Avaya OneCloud UCaaS solutions in its locally operated, secure data center, and make them available through a cloud-based subscription model, enabling organizations to purchase the capacity and services they require, as and when needed, without large upfront costs.

This will enable Ghana businesses to respond quickly to changing business demands and manage costs more effectively.

“Businesses today are increasingly reliant on advanced communications technologies – whether it’s enabling workstream collaboration from anywhere, or delivering stand-out customer experiences with knowledge-empowered contact center agents. Everything as a Service provides the agility for organizations to scale their communications technology deployments as they need, add new features and functionalities with ease, and benefit from predictable pricing models.”

Ben Atitsogbui, Solution Consultant & CEO, RayCom Technologies

“This significant agreement with Raycom Technologies meets our joint customers’ demands for greater flexibility and faster time to market as they aggressively pursue their digital transformation strategies. With ‘Everything as a Service’, we look forward to supporting Ghanaian businesses as they not only meet customer and employee experience expectations, but actively go about setting new standards of excellence.”

Fadi Hani, Vice President, Avaya, Middle East, Africa & Turkey

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