Telkom to Help SMEs Post South African Violence

In the wake of the South African violence, Telkom is making an effort to help rebuild several SMEs who lost the majority of their resources in the last few months.

With the recent unrest in the South African regions of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, there was a severe impact seen on small and medium businesses. Thus to help and rebuild these businesses, Telkom is launching their SME Relief Project for its SMEs across KZN and Gauteng.

“Telkom customers in the affected areas will receive support in the form of payment holidays, rerouting their connectivity and the freezing of contract terms. These relief packages will enable our existing customers in the affected areas to continue to operate.

The looting and unrest came at a time when many SMEs are still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and some small businesses are uninsured. We understand the importance of backing small business owners during this time of distress and we will use our resources across our business units to ensure that small businesses get back up.

Telkom aims to lend a hand to small businesses and informal traders, Telkom will make a branding contribution of over R5.6-million and LTE offerings to 1,200 spaza shops in affected areas.”

Dumisani Bengu, Chief Commercial Officer, Telkom Business.

Telkom Business has identified several premises of businesses that have been caught in the violence and the looting. These businesses is expected to receive a contribution of up to R20,000 ($1306.38).

“Restoring communities and businesses that have been impacted by the unrest is a collective effort and Telkom is committed to helping SMEs to clean up, rebuild and grow. We urge leading corporates, businesses, and ordinary South Africans to make a pledge to help rebuild small businesses that have been devastated by the unrest.”

Telkom in a Statement

“In the aftermath of the unrest, government, business and communities are assessing the damage and are focusing on rebuilding communities that have been severely affected. We also urge responsible corporate leaders in SA, to support affected micro and small businesses and help them weather this period; rebuild and grow.”

Dumisani Bengu, Chief Commercial Officer, Telkom Business.

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