Seamless Distribution Systems Receives Strategic Order of SEK 7.7 Million from a New Telecom Operator Group

In a recent announcement, SDS received a strategic order of SEK 7.7 Million via a global system supplier.

Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) has received a strategic order worth SEK 7.7 million via a global system supplier. The order refers to the implementation of SDS transaction system ERS 360 ° and support over five years. The end customer is a completely new telecom operator group to SDS, and the installation concerns their operations in Algeria.

The order means that Seamless will replace and migrate an existing competitor’s solution. With SDS transaction platform ERS 360 °, SDS will enable the operator to set up, manage and maintain its network of electronic payment and distribution systems. The order is the first from this telecom group and has the potential to lead to more collaborations in the region.

“This is a strategically important milestone for SDS and takes us a big step closer to becoming the market leader in digital sales and distribution. The deal also means that we are for the first time, replacing one of our competitors’, and at the same time entering another large new telecom group. I am very pleased with the fiveyear duration of the agreement, which increases our recurring revenue. This breakthrough order is also further proof that our organic growth is continuing according to plan.”

Tommy Eriksson, Chief Exective Officer, SDS Group

This new partnership represents an important expansion of SDS’ customer base and strengthens SDS’s position in the market. Revenues from this order are expected to be reported from the third quarter of 2021 and onwards

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