Seychelles Based Intelvision Receives Support from IFC to Strengthen its Broadband Network

The Seychelles based telecom service provider, Intelvision has leased a new cable system with the support from International Financial Corporation.

A new cable system, to be leased by Seychelles telecommunications service provider Intelvision Limited with support from IFC, will soon strengthen the broadband internet network and digital service offering in the Seychelles. IFC’s support for Intelvision, a provider of data, Internet, VoIP and pay-TV services, consists of a loan of up to $ 10 million for its own account and a another loan of $ 10 million mobilized from its partners under the Joint Loan Portfolio Program (MCPP).

This funding will allow Intelvision to lease a new cable, currently under construction by Vodafone Carrier Services. It will be part of the 2Africa cable, one of the largest submarine cable projects in the world, which stretches over 37,000 kilometers and connects 26 countries on several continents.

This new cable, which will be added to the already existing Seychelles East Africa System (SEAS), should reduce the cost of Internet services for the inhabitants of the archipelago and strengthen competition between fixed broadband and data services. mobile.

“This will revolutionize our use of the Internet here in Seychelles. We are happy to work with Vodafone and IFC in the difficult context of the pandemic. Our goal is to improve the telecommunications infrastructure in Seychelles and strengthen our digital offer to the population. Our innovative products and services will continue to add value to the ever-increasing demand for Internet connectivity. We have been at the forefront of providing affordable solutions for Seychellois and we fully intend to continue. “

Mukesh Valabhji, President, Intelvision

The new cable system will provide Intelvision with more than 600 Gbps of international bandwidth, which will significantly improve Internet speed for home and business customers. In addition, the cable will increase the speed and capacity of the fiber optic and hybrid coaxial fiber networks already available to Intelvision.

“Improving access to the Internet is essential to foster economic and social progress. Vodafone strives to increase the availability, reliability and speed of Internet connections anywhere in the world. This project, which aims to link the Seychelles to the ambitious 2Africa submarine cable, will support the country’s future growth for the benefit of its people.”  

Nick Gliddon, Director, Vodafone Carrier Services

Thanks to the 15-year rental agreement with Vodafone, Intelvision plans to launch mobile phone services in Seychelles, where most users access the Internet using a mobile phone. The new cable will also enable Intelvision to eventually develop its terrestrial network by providing the entire island of Mahé and the Inner Islands with 4G and 5G mobile networks.

“By working with Intelvision to increase digital offering in Seychelles, we can help the country meet the growing demand for connectivity while helping to lower tariffs. This will lay a solid foundation for the development of the digital economy in the archipelago.”

Marcelle Ayo, IFC Country Representative for Seychelles

Seychelles’ economy is heavily dependent on tourism, a sector which accounts for 30% of its GDP and which has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Seychelles government has made it a priority to strengthen the digital economy to support the country’s recovery and next phase of growth.

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