ST Engineering iDirect and Gilat Telecom Enable Remote Cellular Network Across the DRC

Teams of ST Engineering iDirect and Gilat Telecom have successfully installed 2 Newtec Dialog hubs to enable remote cellular backhaul network in the DRC.

Teams from ST Engineering iDirect and Gilat Telecom have achieved the successful remote installation and commissioning of two Newtec Dialog hubs to power cellular backhaul services for mobile network operator, Vodacom, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the largest country in Sub-Saharan Africa. The new hubs enabled Vodacom to migrate its VSAT-based 2G network to 3G across 150 Base Tranceiver Station (BTS) sites with the Base Station Controller located in Kinshasa. The new deployment replaces traditional SCPC links and increases efficiency in facilitating 3G data traffic.

Dialog’s Mx-DMA return technology was a key consideration in Vodacom’s selection as it enables the network to automatically adjust in real-time with daily fluctuations in bandwidth demand, saving both bandwidth and cost and offering enhanced optimization of cellular traffic. Dialog also enables effective management of a variety of different modems all on the same platform, simplifying and streamlining an otherwise complex operation.

The Dialog platform will also accommodate Vodacom’s future growth, enabling increased satellite network coverage and delivering a large amount of capacity when it is ready to expand. The network is used primarily for cellular backhaul services, for applications such as social media, video sharing platforms, as well as enterprise applications such as video conferencing and data transfer applications with some sites also offering IP services. Access to these applications will have a profound impact on remote communities, enabling them to stay in touch with friends and family and market their businesses, and connect to important sources of news and information. For many, these services have previously been unavailable.

The deployment, which commenced in April 2020, was impacted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic which has delayed the progress of satellite network installations across the world. To allow the project to progress, the teams, which were based in Belgium and Kinshasa, turned to the remote installation of the hubs.

“To expedite the project, we were in constant contact with the ST Engineering iDirect team in Belgium. We also installed a camera in the Teleport in Kinshasa so that they were able to see what was happening, and shared detailed images to ensure that every step was completed correctly. It was this close collaboration and access to each dedicated team member at all hours of the day that enabled us to complete the installation of the first hub in two days and the second in just one day. It was a great team effort and I thank every one of the engineers that were involved.”

Jordan Dayan, System Engineer, Gilat Telecom

“We are already enjoying the benefits of the deployment of the Dialog platform. Thanks to its Mx-DMA return technology, the reliability of the VSAT links has increased significantly, especially in heavy rain. As a consequence, we have also seen an increase in user traffic on the links migrated to Dialog. Additionally, in comparison with SCPC links, we have also noticed that Dialog enables us to perform network changes much more easily and rapidly, with less human resources and no intervention on remote sites. This has enabled us to operate more efficiently and make substantial cost savings.”

Jean-Bedel Nyanga, Transmission Director, Vodacom DRC

“This is a fantastic example of how collaboration among teams can overcome challenges and make a project happen. I am incredibly proud of what has been achieved with Gilat Telecom under such adverse circumstances. We are always prepared to give our best to support our partners and customers in their endeavours and enable their success.”

Pieter-Paul Mooijman, Regional Vice President, ST Engineering iDirect Africaz

Vodacom was able to instantly reap the results of the hub installations with a rapid upgrade of the cellular backhaul network which is now serving customers across the DRC.

“In the past, an upgrade to 3G would have taken one or two weeks. The difference with Dialog, in comparison with traditional SCPC networks, is that this can be achieved very rapidly, in one or two hours. This makes a huge difference.”

Jordan Dayan, System Engineer, Gilat Telecom

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