Tigo and Sanlam Introduce a Smartphones Insurance Cover

Tanzania’s Tigo has come into a partnership with Sanlam. This partnership will introduce a smartphones insurance cover for phones purchased from Tigo.

Tanzania’s leading digital lifestyle company, Tigo, has partnered with Sanlam to introduce Smartphones insurance cover. The product covers new phones purchased from Tigo shops across the country. The plan covers loss, accidental damage, and theft which will be linked to the mobile phone IMEI number.

“In a world where smartphones have gained a huge importance some are dependent on it to communicate to the world through social media, while others need it as an extension of their workplace, this partnership with Sanlam will give mobile phone owners a safety net through mobile phone insurance cover in case of theft, loss or damage. Once customers purchase their phone of choice from our shops, apart from the usual warranty, we advise that they insure their new smartphone. The plan fulfills the requirements of users in particular who want to cover in case of accidental damage to their phones. Policy duration will be  12 Months (one year) where the phone owner will be required to pay 5% of the total cost of the mobile phone as insurance premium.”

Tigo’s Head of Shops and Devices, Mkumbo Myonga

Present at the launch the Sanlam Chief Operating Officer Mr. Geofray Masige  said, this device protection scheme will ensure that Tigo clients get back to their phone usage quickly after damage or loss of their smartphones. Smartphones are now becoming the extra limb that humans have. Keeping aside the actual cost of the gadget in one’s hand, it is a piece of great value for its user. and the fear of losing a smartphone can be of great extent for many, to this Sanlam and Tigo have got you covered.

Mr. Masige added that, this mobile phone insurance plan is very affordable and signing up is very convenient, no lengthy paperwork as all client’s information will be stored digitally and in case of a claim a customer will be compensated within 14 days while theft claims will only take a maximum of 7 days after submitting all the required documentations.

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