Zain Bahrain Encourages a Better Work-Life Balance

Zain Bahrain recently hosted a session called ‘God-Given Gifts -3Gs’ for its employees. This session was organised for the employees to find a good work life balance and help utilise their talents.

Zain Bahrain, the leading Mobile Broadband network operator in the Kingdom recently organized a TALKS session titled ‘God-Given Gifts – 3Gs’ by Bahraini counsellor and Coach Masooma Al Aali. Attended by Zain Bahrain employees, the TALKS session focused on utilising the employees’ unique talents in ways that will help them live happy and fulfilling life. Through the session, the employees were familiarised with techniques to utilise their talent in both personal and professional environments; thereby living life to the fullest. The Zain TALKS Program, initiated in 2018, is one of Zain Bahrain’s main developmental initiatives focused on employee development. As part of the TALKS Program, the company invites Bahraini and GCC intellectuals working in different fields to address Zain employees, broaden their knowledge and inspire them through sharing their experiences and success stories. The initiative is designed to improve the overall development of employees by providing them with insights to grow personally and professionally.
The TALKS session’s speaker, Masooma Al Aali, is an experienced Counsellor and trainer as well as a Certified Gallup coach with in-depth knowledge in public speaking and training. During the session, Masooma focused on how each person’s innate abilities make them stand out from others, and how those abilities should be acknowledged to get the most benefits out of them. The employees were also provided with an overview on how these innate qualities help them to uncover life’s most important objectives and make them feel on the positive side while undertaking all the affairs of daily life including being at the workplace. Masooma also highlighted the importance of investing in oneself to recognize one’s own talents and the different ways to channel those talents in a positive manner, which can help them find the true meaning of life and its purpose.

“Developing employee gifts is a critical investment at Zain Bahrain, and we firmly believe that by supporting the growth of their God-given gifts we are ultimately investing in the growth and success of our company and are hopeful to have an active healthy workforce. Through our TALKS session, our goal is to ensure assisting our employees in the improvement of their well-being across all dimensions, and to constantly provide them with all the resources they would need for their growth. Moreover, our TALKS sessions help in introducing the participants to various interactive ways that can improve their health, and encourage the participants to engage in healthy behaviours. These sessions allow us to invite Bahraini personalities to train our employees and to motivate them with enriching experiences, thereby helping them to give their best at the workplace.”

Salah AlKooheji, Manager Learning & Development, Zain Bahrain

“Each person is uniquely gifted, and by imparting these training programs I try my best to make them realize their full potential, so as to have them achieve overall happiness. I encourage people to truly believe that they are gifted, and once the participants have this positivity, I help them through various ways to reflect that positivity in their life and work. I am glad Zain Bahrain provided me with the platform to interact with its employees and I hope that the company will have happier and more motivated employees as a result.”

Masooma Al Aali, The TALKS Session’s Speaker, Counsellor, Trainer, Certified Gallup Coach

As a corporate, Zain Bahrain deeply values employees’ gifts, and it constantly seeks to promote it as a pivotal aspect of its operations. And in the future, the company will continue to host the Zain TALKS session, with the goal of inspiring employees and maintaining a healthy environment that sustains happiness, wholeness, creativity, and productivity at work.

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