Johann Coetzee Joins NEC XON as the New Executive VP

In a latest announcement, NEC XON has said that Johann Coetzee will be joining the organisation as the new Executive VP.

Johann Coetzee, the well-known and seasoned ICT industry executive, has joined NEC XON, taking over from Eugene le Roux as Executive VP of the organisation.

As a key leader, Johann Coetzee will support NEC XON’s aggressive growth strategy throughout sub-Sahara Africa and activities to broaden its market sector penetration.

“Our business today predominantly focuses on delivering advanced solutions to telecommunications, mobile network operator (MNO), and network service providers. Johann will strengthen our position by supporting our solution clusters and enhance our carrier-grade solutions packaged for enterprise, supported by services at levels those customers require to minimise business disruption and improve qualities of experience.”

Carel Coetzee, Chief Executive Officer, NEC XON

“NEC XON delivers a comprehensive and highly integrated solution set across infrastructure, safety, communication, and digital clusters, with enterprise-grade service levels to support them. The business partnership with NEC global aligns with NEC XON’s extensive systems integration skills and expertise. We draw on the expertise of NEC’s more than 110 000 global employees, over 49 000 patents, and a history of serving African organisations since 1963. Supported by relationships with the top vendors in their categories worldwide, united with automated services capabilities, and deep African innovation, we have a compelling value proposition for carriers, mobile operators, service providers and enterprise.”

Johann Coetzee, Executive VP, NEC XON

Johann Coetzee will assume responsibility for sales engagement and solutions across NEC XON’s regional head offices in East, West, and South Africa. Le Roux joins NEC XON’s global partner, NEC, taking up a position with NEC America (NECAM) in the US. He currently remains in South Africa, transferring knowledge and progressively integrating into the US team. Once he relocates to the US, he will continue to work closely with NEC XON in his role heading up international operations for Automated Recognition Systems (ARS) at NECAM as part of the team developing NEC’s global digital identity capabilities.

“We are excited to have Johann with his skills and experience join our team, offering our extensive capabilities in the carrier and networking space to the enterprise market and our broader customer base.”

Carel Coetzee, Chief Executive Officer, NEC XON

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