Mauritius Telecom to Accelerate 5G in the Region

Mauritius Telecom is on a path to enable a better 5G network in the region with the launch of my.t 5G Experience Zones.

5G is a reality in Mauritius. It was at the Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebony this Thursday, July 29 that the CEO of Mauritius Telecom, Sherry Singh, officially launched the my.t 5G Experience Zones in the company of the Minister of Technology, Communication and ‘Innovation, Deepak Balgobin.

Mauritius Telecom is deploying four 5G Experience Zones to cover the regions of Ebène, the University of Mauritius at Réduit, Bagatelle Mall and La City Trianon. Thus, with the deployment of it’s my.t 5G Experience Zones, Mauritius Telecom propels Mauritius on the world map of countries that have deployed 5G and at the same time joins the Top 10 African countries that have launched this technology.

For Sherry Singh, 5G is undoubtedly a new world in terms of connectivity, a world full of challenges. The CEO of MT immediately sets the context: the mobile market is saturated in Mauritius. Across the world, 5G is mainly used in large companies to connect millions of devices in the Internet of Things universe and finally, 5G compatible devices are not numerous at this stage. All these factors make the ‘business model’ a challenge.

“Despite a challenging business environment, we have to make a step and get our country ready for tomorrow’s Technology … today,”

Sherry Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Mauritius Telecom Group

It is above all a question of laying the foundations to prepare the country today to face the technological challenges of tomorrow.

With the launch of the four my.t 5G Experience Zones, Mauritius Telecom is the first operator to deploy the 5th generation of mobile network in Mauritius. Sherry Singh adds that for the first time an operator will build its network with its customers.

In terms of innovation in Mauritius, Mauritius Telecom has already placed the country as the leader in connectivity in Africa and among the leaders in connectivity in the world.

5G is the use of very high-speed mobile internet. For the coverage area, the first tests on my.t mobile’s 5G network reached a maximum download speed of 1.6 Gbps, which is up to 10 times faster than 4G.

5G users in coverage areas will also have a new experience since 5G is also Ultra-Low Latency, i.e. ultra-fast streaming, ideal for live events, games or AR and VR applications. . 5G also offers more bandwidth. This allows more devices to be connected at the same time without saturation.

Only a 5G phone allows you to enjoy the benefits of 5G. In Mauritius, the number of 5G compatible laptops is estimated at more than 10,000. For the moment, the only 5G compatible smartphone available in Telecom Shops is the Huawei P40 PRO. The iPhone 12 and Samsung S21 will be released with 5G after updates from the respective manufacturers.

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