stc to Enable Better 5G Coverage in Mecca and Other Holy Sites

stc has announced that they are going to expand their 5G coverage in Mecca and other Holy Sites. This coverage is expected to be 48% more than last year.

stc Group has announced expanding 5G coverage in Mecca and the Holy Sites by 48% comparing to last year.

This step aims at providing communication technologies at a faster speed, with stc upgrading the network to cover some locations to cover Holy Mosque and the holy sites. It says in a press release that Data Traffic on stc network has increased 40% compared with the last year. With the number of international voice channels increased by 33% distributed over 8 international exchanges, the company raised its network operational plan, and its network availability rate with the latest technology in 5G and 4G.

This year’s Hajj 1442 Hijri witnessed the activation of stc’s strategic partnership with the Royal Commission for Makkah and Al Mashaer and Kadana Company with the distribution of more than 60,000 umbrellas bearing the company’s logo to the camps of the pilgrims inside and the Arafat area, in cooperation with Channels company related to stc Group, and in coordination with the administration in Mecca to ensure that each pilgrim receives his own umbrella. The administration in Mecca also secured the necessary approvals to provide self-service devices for stc services in the pilgrims housing complex in Mena, in coordination with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and the internal companies of pilgrims.

Concerning the internal coverage solutions, sites in the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque have been allocated and upgraded to 5G technology, in parallel with the company’s goal to create an innovative Hajj experience for pilgrims during this season, which witnessed the launch of digital services provided for the first time in cooperation with government agencies such as the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) to provide the smart bracelet “ Nisk” for the pilgrims.

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