Raxio Group to Establish a State-of-the-art Data Centre in Mozambique

Raxio group has announced that they are going to establish a state-of-the-art, carrier-neutral data center in Mozambique.

The Raxio Group, a premier pan-African data centre developer and operator, announced that it is establishing and investing in ‘Raxio Mozambique’, with the first state-of-the-art, carrier-neutral, data centre in Mozambique.

Set to be commissioned during 2022, Raxio Mozambique’s first facility will be located approximately 20 KM from downtown Maputo at the Beluluane Industrial Park, ideally situated to meet both primary and disaster recovery needs of a wide range of customers. The park benefits from ideal power and connectivity infrastructure ensuring a stable and highly connected operating environment for the facility. Raxio expects all power used by the facility to come from renewable sources, with a combination of hydro-generated grid power and a local solar supply.

In line with Raxio’s other facilities across the continent, Raxio Mozambique’s first facility will be fully equipped with industry best in cooling technology, security, caging, AC/DC power compatibility, and redundancy in a 99.982% uptime environment. Customers will be able to cross-connect with local and international carriers and other customers in specially designed meet-me rooms. By co-locating in Raxio’s facility, customers will benefit from a “shared infrastructure” model, and substantially reduce their operational and capital costs while improving application performance and flexibility.

In addition to providing an ideal environment for the leading industries across Mozambique, Raxio Mozambique will be a critical feature to the country’s digital backbone. Through Raxio’s cross-connect service, mobile network operators, ISPs and carriers will be able to interconnect to each other and their customers, reducing the cost of access across the country while stabilizing connectivity at improved speeds, at a time when new submarine cables will also be providing Mozambique with enhanced international connectivity.

Raxio has teamed up with Africa Century Real Estate for this project, an experienced local investor and developer of residential, office, and commercial properties in Mozambique. As digital transformation grows across both the private and public sectors and significant investment is expected in the coming years, Raxio has plans to build additional facilities in the country to support this growth.

“Over the past year, the number of internet users in the country increased by 25% – and we expect this to keep growing over the coming years, across all industries. To support this growth, we are seeing new investments from carriers and subsea cables. We are excited to be able to support the country’s digital growth with affordable, high-quality, co-location environments. Our data centre in Maputo will be a flagship facility focused on energy efficiency and the use of renewable power, that will facilitate internet traffic amongst content providers locally and internationally and make the internet experience faster, more resilient, and more affordable for all digital users.”

Robert Mullins, Chief Executive Officer, Raxio Group

Raxio Mozambique’s facility in Maputo is the fourth data centre in the Raxio Group’s growing portfolio, which includes Raxio Uganda, Raxio Ethiopia, and Raxio Kinshasa, in the DRC. Raxio Group is actively pursuing its development efforts, including the establishment of additional facilities in its existing markets and building facilities in new markets. Raxio’s planned investment in the Ivory Coast later this year will establish a strong foothold in francophone West Africa, and serve as a hub for the region, while its expected investment in Tanzania will consolidate its position in East Africa. The Group expects to complete up to 10-12 data centres investments across Africa to meet the increased demand for high-quality local storage and data hosting in the region.

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