Orange Mali to Launch a 5G Pilot

Seven months after their 5G pilot in Senegal, Orange is all set to launch a 5G pilot in Mali.

Orange Mali is all set to launch a 5G pilot in Bamako, as they invite their subscribers to test the new network.

This pilot phase has been approved by the Malian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Information and Communication Technologies, and Posts (AMRTP). Following their introduction of 4G services in 2019, this 5G pilot represents their latest phase of development for Orange.

“The 5th generation of mobile or 5G technology will allow us to respond to the explosion in mobile traffic as well as to the growing demand for our customers’ needs in terms of quality of connectivity. Ten times faster than 4G, 5G makes it possible to do even better. It is an infrastructure that will revolutionize the use of digital technology in Mali. In addition to facilitating school education and online work, it enables the growth of mobile network traffic and remote surgeries using a robot. It is a real technological revolution which the country now has.”

Brelotte BA, Chief Executive Officer, Orange Mali

Orange is testing its 5G pilot in Mali after seven months of the test in Senegal.

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